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Pride of the Fist is Coronet's simply amazing tribute to Rock Lee. Overflowing with information, much more media than this little shrine, and the coolest intro ever.

Other Character Shrines:
Invincible (Naruto)
Infelicitas (Sasuke)
Hanabira (Sakura)
Incognito (Kakashi)
Freaky Eye (Kakashi)
Pure Heart (Haku)
Yondaime (Yondaime)
Prodigy (Itachi)
Temari (Temari)
Hana wa Hanikamiya (Hinata)
Silohuette (Shikamaru)
Dysphoria (Gaara)
Insomniac (Gaara)
Kawaii Medical Ninja (Shizune)
Sensei (Iruka)

General Info:

Beautiful Beast (Rock Lee)
Bloodsport (Naruto - series)
Ichiraku Noodle Bar (Naruto - character)
Yosh! (Gai sensei)

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