Prelude of a webmaster

This is a site where I attempt to speculate this extraordinary character, who appeared to be one of the strangest characters, yet turned out to be one of the most admirable and respectable characters. By far one of the most amusing, most dedicated and interesting figure in the popular series Naruto, Rock Lee is a character who demonstrates truth in the proverb "don't judge a book by its cover."

Why do I choose to analyze this 2D character? Firstly, if you toss the 2D label aside, this character exhibits traits that one can possess (and most likely does). He exhibits traits that make one a better person. He inspires us with his willpower, he influences us with his strength, he teaches us a valueable lesson, using one of the most famous sayings, "hard work pays off."

Simultaneously, he amuses us. He puts smiles on our faces, he brightens our moods. He can make us laugh, he can make us cry. He puts us in a state of the Willing Suspension of Disbelief, where we temporarily, but willfully, let go of the idea that 2D figures are not real. We simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the product of a brilliant manga artist. He's not gorgeous, he's not perfect, nor is he some kind of God, but it's our imagination that makes this character 3D, realistic, and believable. To analyze, speculate and enshrine is simply another way of appreciating that such a wonderful character exists.

That aside, I'd like to state a couple of things. First, that this site is primarily informational as well as full of spoilers. Please watch where you step. :P You won't find a huge image gallery or massive media here. Therefore, please do not ask me to put up more images, wallpapers, etc. Second, some of the information presented here are highly subjective, which means you are free to disagree, but respect that it's my opinion. Third, since Naruto is still ongoing, some of the theories presented might not still hold in the present Naruto arc. In those cases, I will make notes on what point the supposed theory stands. This site might not update as quickly as the new information comes out, but rest assured it will all be speculated at a later time.

Oh and lastly, please enjoy the site. ^^

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