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(Chapter 37/Episode 22)
"Sakura, Love!"
Sakura: "Ewwwww! Those lower lashes are ewwwww! Hairstyle is lame...and those thick eyebrows...It's all too thick!"
Lee: "You're an angel!" *blows heart-shaped kiss*
Sakura: *dodges kiss - kiss splats onto a pole and slides down*

Tenten: (refering to Kakashi) "So that's Gai sensei's eternal rival. Gai sensei completely loses to him in looks, but..."
Lee: "Gai sensei is the coolest one among the other teachers! He's shining! Alright! Just watch, Gai sensei...I will shine, too!"

Lee: "I never want to see the tears of an important person again...So, I will never lose again, Gai sensei!"

(chapter 217)
"My teacher said to me...that luck is a part of real strength..."
Gaara: "That Busy-body..." (referring to Gai)
Lee: "He's not a busy-body! That was because of my own cowardice! Stop talking about my sensei like that!"
Gaara: "You too...If the one you admire is insulted, you become enraged..."

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