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The color green
Green signifies life, growth, and renewal. It also denotes harmony and stability. Green is appropriate for Lee in these aspects. He's lively, and is constantly inproving and maturing. He gets along with everyone and is open and honest. Green's also symbolic of joy, youth and beauty. This might explain Lee and Gai's choice of words when referring to themselves. They are constantly reminding others that they are youthful and beautiful, beasts of Konoha. Lee's also from the Hidden Village of the Leaf. Again, green is a primary color there. Green brings out Lee's energetic personality and youth, as well as his inner, genuine beauty.

The Lotus
The lotus is a flower found primarily in some Asian countries. It consists of several shades of pink, and the flower petals tend to overlap in a certain pattern. The lotus grows in murky waters, a seemingly unlikely place for a flower to bloom. It tends to symbolize purity of heart and mind, as well as birth and rebirth, since the petals open when the sun comes out, and close when the sun sets. It also symblizes a strong force that could withstand and overcome harsh conditions.

The lotus is mentioned quite a few times throughout the series. Not only is it included in both of Lee's forbidden techniques, Lee and Gai also said, "the lotus blossoms bloom twice." Why might the creator choose the Lotus when referring to Lee? Here's my theory. Lee grew up with the least likelihood of becoming a ninja. He could not use normal ninja moves and skills, so it seemed impossible for him to become a ninja. Similarily, a lotus only grows in muddy waters, so it seems impossible for it to grow. However, in both cases, grew they did. Not only does both grow, both are able to grow into their ultimate form, strong, standing up tall and fearless. Parallel to the lotus's symbolism of purity, Lee's heart is amongst the puriest in the Naruto series. He's always polite, friendly and willing to learn. He won't hesitate a moment before coming to someone's aid. He's as honest as you can get.

What stands out most prominantly with both the lotus and Lee is their strength. Similar to the lotus, Lee has the ability to overcome any obstacles in front of him and constantly become stronger and wiser. This is also one of the reasons Sakura picks the narcissus for him, another flower that can stand bravely in harsh conditions and wait for a spring day. And as for "the lotus blossoms bloom twice," the lotus is known for symbolizing birth and rebirth. In Lee's case, it might have been foreshadowing that Lee will be "reborn" after being defeated by Gaara. It shows that Lee refuses to give up, and will try again and again to prove himself. As expected, Tsunade heals Lee, and upon his first appearance after his healing, the manga reads:

"the proud azure beast has reincarnated..."

Thus, Lee was reborn.

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