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This is a timeline indicating Lee's screen time as well as approximations on when and how he slowly changed.

Age 9-ish:
- Lee's hair style is two long braids in the back.

- Lee is teased for not being able to do genjutsu & ninjutsu as he runs laps with his fellow classmates at the ninja academy.

Age 11-ish:
- Lee's hairstyle is short but curled out.

- Lee trains with Neji and Tenten, mostly with Neji.

- Lee tells Gai that his goal is to prove that one can become an excellent ninja without using genjutsu or ninjutsu.

- After a supposed failure of a mission, Lee trains from dawn till dusk without stopping. Gai stops by and offers words of wisdom to Lee.

Age 13:
- Lee's hairstyle is a bowl cut.

- Lee, along with his teammates, try out for the Chuunin exam.

- Shortly after meeting Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura, Lee asks Sasuke to fight him.

- During the 2nd part of the Chuunin exam, Sakura's in trouble until Lee arrives to save her from the sound shinobi.

- During the 3rd part of the Chuunin exam, Lee fights Gaara in the Chuunin preliminaries and was defeated.

- Due to injuries on his body during the fight with Gaara, the medics announced that Lee most likely cannot continue to be a ninja.

- Lee stablizes in the hospital for a month or so, but continues to push his body during his resting period.

- About a month later, Lee's better and was able to witness the Chuunin exam's final fights.

- Later, Lee was revealed to be taken under Tsunade (the 5th Hokage)'s care. Tsunade will attempt a surgery in which Lee has a 50% of surviving and being fully healed.

- Lee returns during a fight between Naruto and Kimimaro. He's been fully healed but still should not attempt anything too drastic.

- We find out that sake (or anything alcoholic) instantly turns Lee into a drunken frenzy.

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