� vs. Neji ;

Although Lee never actually goes up against Neji (with exceptions of training fights), Neji is ultimately Lee's biggest rival. As Lee puts several times himself, the strongest genin is probably on his team, and it is Hyuga Neji. Lee is very well informed of Neji's fighting style, Jyuuken. Neji has the byakugan ability, and his style attempts to destroy internal organs and cause severe internal damage. The difference between Gouken and Jyuuken is that, no matter how tough you are, a Jyuuken attack will be fatal. Lee watched the entire fight between Neji and Hinata with a serious look and clutched fists. You'll notice that Neji is the only one Lee did not cheer for. In short, Neji is Lee's greatest challenge. Lee doesn't need to cheer Neji on because he knows he is strong enough to win.

Theoretically, in a match between Lee and Neji, Lee might have the advantage to win. Neji's Byakugan operates in a similar way as Sasuke's sharingan. Although Neji can see the internal chakra flow and where to hit Lee, he doesn't have the reflexes to respond fast enough. Lee's speed surpasses Neji's, more so with each gate Lee opens. At the point of the Chuunin exam, without any automatic defenses like Gaara's shield, it's practically impossible to block Lee's attacks. Moreover, Gai once mentioned that Lee's ultimate attack, the Ura Renge, is the key to defeating Neji. This conclusion is legitimate because the Ura Renge requires the opening of 5 gates, thereby greatly increasing Lee's speed to the maximum point. Neji most likely will not have time to brace for the impact.

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