� Weaknesses ;

Lee's not perfect. In fact, he's about as normal as you can get. With no special powers to aid him, he's regardless one of the more powerful genin. Yet, this boy is not without his faults. Everyone makes mistakes and has weaknesses, and everyone learns from these mistakes. The following lists a few Lee's weaknesses from my perspective.

It's easy to see that Lee has a lot of pride. Too much eagerness to show off all the moves can be a mistake. Lee might have known this, but that didn't stop him from wanting to show it off anyway. One of Lee's weaknesses is having a bit too much pride at times. A good ninja always has a few surprises up his sleeves, and if one reveals all these surprises too soon, he may very well be at a disadvantage later in the game. If any of his techniques fail, he'll have nothing to back himself up with. Lee was lucky the first time at his dual with Sasuke. His teacher stopped him from doing a forbidden technique with a high possibility of doing self-damage. If Lee had done his Omote Renge, he probably wouldn't have been in good shape for the actual Chuunin exams.

Lee's second weakness, is that he cares less about his health than he should. Part of hardcore training requires that he exert himself a great deal, but Lee takes it to the max. To train day in and day out without any rest is very taxing on his body. Lee doesn't stop working his body until he can't exert another ounce of energy. This is an incredibly admirable trait, to have such determination and persistance. But in battle, it's likely that Lee doesn't give up until he's unconcious. This is proven at the Chuunin exam dual with Gaara. Lee fought and gave it his all until he fainted out of exhaustion. He wanted to face his rivals so badly that he was willing to show all his moves and sacrifice his health in order to win. While this is also admirable, the problem is that in battle, he could very well get killed by overexerting himself and rendering himself vulnerable afterwards.

Lee's also a bit reckless. He tends to leave the hospital to train, or to go pursue someone, to join in on the action, even though he's not fully capable of doing so yet. This can be a dangerous weakness for he may reopen his wounds before they have a chance to heal. Lee becomes more aware of his health after dualing Gaara. Although he still pushes his body to the max in the hospital, he is shown to have matured during his healing with Tsunade. Although he still shows a bit of his recklessness, he doesn't completely ignore the doctor's orders. He takes care not to overexert himself in battle, and he even brings along medicine (or so he thinks) to take at the appropriate time.

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