� At First Glance ;

Opening Stats --
  • Name: Rock Lee

  • Age: 13

  • Birthday: November 28th

  • Rank: Genin (terms)

  • Fighting Style: Taijutsu (terms)

  • Sensei: Maito Gai

  • Height: 158.5cm

  • Weight: 46.6kg

  • Seiyuu: Masukawa Yoichi (seiyuu)
  • Mission Experience: (A = hardest; D = easiest)
    A 0
    B 0
    C 11
    D 20
Rock Lee's first appearance, in anime episode 21 and manga chapter 36, is memorable enough to leave a lasting impression. From his actions and the thoughts of the surrounding characters, viewers can safely assume that he will be playing an important role in the future.

We first catch a glimpse of him with his fellow teammates, Tenten and Neji. At that time, they were simply spectators from afar, commenting on heard rumors of "rookies" in the Chuunin exam. The next time we see Lee is on the day of the Chuunin exam preliminaries, where he seems to have trouble getting through the entrance of the exam. After Naruto and co. arrives and Sasuke has a near tumble with one of the disguised examiners. Lee speeds between the dual and stops the two kicks in midair, drawing murmurs out of surrounding characters. He had planned on not drawing attention to his group, but something changed all of that: Sakura.

Tenten shakes her head as she recognizes the determined and slightly flushed look on Lee's face as he stared at Sakura and approached her. Here he introduces himself to her and asks her out, while Sakura stares in shock that quickly switched to disgust. Right away you see Lee's confidence in himself (before Sakura shoots him down), and then you notice with amusement the silly but disappointed look on his face.

Upon first appearance, many viewers might overlook his simplified appearance and dismiss him as a minor character because of his plain look. However, it was probably the artists' intention to portray Lee in his extremely plain green jump suit, his strangely round eyes, thick eyebrows, and every-so-plain bowl haircut. One must admit, it does make him stand out and gives him attention. It's an interesting strategy, since the viewers are in for a surprise at just how diverse he is. Plus, they can spend minimal time drawing him; it's a win-win situation.

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